Join the strategic wealth mentorship program that is skillfully design to scale your income to 7 figures and beyond using simple stackable systems.



 The Melanated Money Mastermind

The mastermind is a strategic wealth mentorship program that will teach you the systems you need to scale you're income pas what you thought was financially possible

During this program, you'll be able to...

Rewire your archaic money beliefs that hold you back

We are going to do an extreme money mindset makeover so you can start seeing money as your inseparable best friend and start playing in a bigger financial league

Scale Your Income to Any Desirable Amount

This program is designed to work for ANY income goal and it will teach you how to continually scale your money year after year with a signature wealth building framework based on simple strategies.

Shift Your Financial Identity and Reality

Learn how to deeply shift you're identity to financially identify with the version of your self that magnetizes money on autopilot and watch how your rich girl reality shifts into your currently reality.

Hack The Money Making Game

The system to hack the money game is simple. You will learn how to master money mindset, manifestation, and multiple streams of revenue so you can hack the system and become a 7+ figure earner

Wait Who's Teaching This Thing Anyways?


Meet Your New Money Coach

Hey there, I'm Alexis Burris, your go-to money manifestation coach for black women who are ready to rewrite their financial story.

My journey into this work began with a deep fascination for manifestation‚ÄĒbelieving that I could sculpt my reality with intention. I devoured books, soaked up courses, and consumed endless podcasts on the subject. But here's the thing: I soon realized that the methods I was trying weren't yielding the results I craved.

It dawned on me that the content I was absorbing didn't quite resonate with the unique struggles I faced as a black woman. I learned firsthand that manifestation is more than just wishful thinking; it requires a mindset shift tailored to our specific experiences.

Enter the Melanated Money Mastermind‚ÄĒa space I created for women who, like me, were seeking financial empowerment through manifestation practices designed with them in mind.

The Melanated Money Mastermind isn't just your average manifestation program; it's a wealth mentorship designed to help you reach any money goal. It's a culmination of all the knowledge I've accumulated about manifestation, infused with support and learning opportunities tailored to your needs.

Inside the mastermind, you'll find a wealth of resources, including group coaching sessions, live Q&A sessions, weekly mindset training, self-coaching workshops, live coworking sessions, accountability groups, and so much more. It's a holistic approach to manifesting abundance in every area of your life.

So, if you're ready to step into your power, rewrite your financial story, and manifest the life you've always dreamed of, then you're in the right place. Join me inside the Melanated Money Mastermind and let's manifest magic together. Your future self will thank you for taking this leap of faith.

Want a sneak peek?

Here's What You'll Get When You Join...

Biweekly Live Group Coaching Calls

Imagine this: every two weeks we hop on Zoom for a virtual group coaching date, just you, me, and the other supportive women in the community.

We chat about what's been holding you back from hitting those big money goals. Whether it's shaking off self-doubt or strategizing your next career move, I've got your back. No fluff, just real talk and actionable advice that's tailored to you.

Together, we'll turn those goals into cold, hard cash. So, if you're ready to make some serious bank, grab a seat at our virtual table, and let's make those dreams a reality, one session at a time.

Biweekly Live Q&A Calls

Every other week, we gather virtually for our Live Q&A sessions, and guess what? It's not just about answering questions; it's about diving deep into the strategies and insights that can skyrocket your income.

Whether you're stuck on pricing your services, navigating a salary negotiation at work, or wondering how to scale your business, these sessions are your golden ticket to unlocking the money-making potential you've been dreaming of. It's like having access to a personal wealth-building playbook, filled with actionable tips and insider secrets to help you level up your earnings.

Monthly Live Human Design Hot Seat

Every month, you're front and center in our Monthly Human Design Hot Seats, diving deep into the unique blueprint that shapes your approach to money. It's not just about understanding your Human Design; it's about uncovering those sneaky money blocks that have been holding you back from reaching your full earning potential.

Together, we'll decode your design, pinpointing the exact areas where you might be leaving money on the table and revealing the strategies to turn those weaknesses into strengths. It's like getting a personalized money mindset makeover, tailored specifically to your unique design.

Monthly Guest Worksop

Every month, we're bringing in industry experts for our Monthly Guest Workshops, where you'll have a front-row seat to learning cutting-edge strategies to invest smarter, save more, and supercharge your income. From seasoned investors to financial wizards, our guest speakers are here to share their insider tips and tricks, giving you the tools you need to level up your financial game.

Whether it's uncovering the latest trends in real estate, mastering the art of passive income, or diving deep into high-yield investments, these workshops are your ticket to staying ahead of the curve and making your money work harder for you.

Weekly Money Mindset Training

Unlock your full wealth potential with our Weekly Mindset Trainings. Each week, you'll gain exclusive access to transformative lessons and exercises designed to shift your beliefs and align you with the version of yourself that effortlessly manifests your financial goals.

From reframing limiting beliefs to cultivating a millionaire mindset, these trainings will empower you to step into your highest earning potential with confidence and clarity.

Live Weekly Coworking Calls

Ready to kick your income goals into high gear? Our Weekly Live Coworking Sessions are like your personal productivity power hour, giving you dedicated time each week to focus on your money-making ventures without distractions. Think of it as your VIP pass to hustle alongside fellow go-getters who are just as driven as you are.

Together, we'll brainstorm, strategize, and keep each other accountable, so you can turn your ideas into income faster than ever before. No more spinning your wheels or feeling stuck

Planning Ceremony

Picture this: you, me, and a group of powerhouse individuals coming together to map out your next moves. We'll dive deep into your goals, dreams, and aspirations, crafting a personalized plan to crush it over the next 90 days.

Along with a  intention-setting ceremony that'll light your fire and keep you focused, you'll walk away with clarity, purpose, and a roadmap to skyrocket your income. Say goodbye to aimless wandering and hello to purpose-driven action

Got a few surprises for you...

Let's Not Forget These Fabulous Bonuses!

Just when you thought we were finished...

Private Mastermind Podcast

Imagine having a secret stash of all the game-changing discussions, breakthrough moments, and expert strategies from our mastermind sessions right at your fingertips. That's exactly what you'll get with our private mastermind podcast!

Dive into the recordings of our coaching calls, Q&As, workshops, mindset trainings, and more, whenever you need that extra boost of motivation or insight. It's like having a front-row seat to all the magic happening in our community.


**Only For Yearly Members**

Private Facebook Community

You'll get access to our cozy corner of the internet reserved just for us, where we can connect, share wins, and support each other on our journey to wealth. That's what our private Facebook community is all about!

It's your go-to place for inspiration, encouragement, and real-talk discussions with like-minded souls who are on the same mission as you. Whether you're celebrating a big win or need a pep talk on a tough day, this community has your back.


Quarterly Action Based  Challenges

Get ready to level up your money game with our quarterly action-based challenges!  These challenges are all about taking inspired action to boost your income and make your money goals a reality. Each quarter, we'll roll out a series of tasks designed to help you grow your wealth and expand your financial horizons.

From networking opportunities to skill-building exercises, every task you complete earns you points towards some seriously awesome prizes.

($199 VALUE) 

Breaking Down Your Money Design Workshop

Get ready to uncover the secrets to unlocking your money-making potential with our "Breaking Down Your Money Design" workshop! In this transformative session, we'll dive deep into the core elements of your unique human design chart, revealing how you can leverage your innate strengths to manifest abundance effortlessly.

From identifying and releasing limiting beliefs to aligning with your natural talents, you'll gain actionable insights that will supercharge your ability to attract wealth and success. 

($129 VALUE)  

Coach Yourself To 7 Figures Workshop

In this game-changing workshop, you'll learn a powerful self-coaching model designed to transform your mindset and pave the way for massive financial growth. We'll dive deep into proven techniques that will empower you to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, break through barriers, and cultivate the unstoppable confidence needed to achieve your 7-figure dreams.

By mastering the art of self-coaching, you'll become the architect of your own success, equipped with the tools to navigate any challenge and seize every opportunity that comes your way.


The Wealth Vault

Inside, alongside a treasure trove of recorded live calls and workshops, yearly mastermind members gain access to a wealth of additional resources specially crafted to propel you towards your income goals with unparalleled momentum.

From carefully curated journal prompts to customizable templates and exclusive workshops, these invaluable tools are designed to supercharge your progress and accelerate your path to financial freedom.


**Only For Yearly Members**

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I am so confident you will fall in love with this Mastermind that it comes with a 14-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. I strive for 100% client satisfaction and hope that the mastermind extremely transforms your bank account. If you find you aren't getting the results you want or you are not happy with the experience I would give you a refund.

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My goal is to help you surpass yours. I am here to support you all the way to your goals by working with you on coaching calls, answering your questions, teaching you how to shift your financial reality, and putting systems in place so you are never stuck.

So let’s break this down!

Everything You’ll Get With The Mastermind:

Monthly Plan


Most Affordable

  • Biweekly Live Group Coaching Calls¬†($199 Value)
  • Biweekly Live Q&A Calls ($147 Value)
  • Monthly Human Design Hot Seat ($297 Value)
  • Live Weekly Coworking Sessions ($79 Value)
  • Monthly Guest Workshops ($397 Value)
  • Weekly Money Mindset Training ($299 Value)
  • Quarterly Planning Ceremony ($197 Value)
  • Private Facebook Community (Priceless)
  • Quarterly Action Based Challenges ($129 Value)
  • Breaking Down Your Money Design Workshop ($349 Value)
  • Coach Yourself to 7 Figures Workshop¬†(Priceless)
  • Private Mastermind Podcast
  • The Wealth Vault¬†
Total Value: $2,093
Get it for $111

Yearly Plan

$1111 a year

Best Value

  • Biweekly Live Group Coaching Calls¬†($199 Value)
  • Biweekly Live Q&A Calls¬†($147 Value)
  • Monthly Human Design Hot Seat¬†($297 Value)
  • Live Weekly Coworking Sessions¬†($79 Value)
  • Monthly Guest Workshops¬†($397 Value)
  • Weekly Money Mindset Training¬†($299 Value)
  • Quarterly Planning Ceremony¬†($197 Value)
  • Private Facebook Community¬†(Priceless)
  • Quarterly Action Based Challenges¬†($129 Value)
  • Breaking Down Your Money Design Workshop¬†($349 Value)
  • Coach Yourself to 7 Figures Workshop¬†(Priceless)
  • Private Mastermind Podcast¬†(Priceless)
  • The Wealth Vault¬†(Priceless)
Total Value: $19,701
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